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By Ramprasath
“How much can you afford?” Agent Neel asked.
His eyes fell all over Renuga. Renuga appeared gorgeous despite her simple clothing. She just wore a red cotton saree with sandal blouse. A faultless glowing fleshy skin coupled with fair complexion made her look much closer to a film actress. Standing tall, she looked like an Arabian horse capable of excelling in any discipline.
“A little over a hundred thousand…” Renuga said thoughtfully.
Neel sighed instantly making it abundantly look like disappointment.
“Treatment at that cost is impossible in this hospital” he said.
Renuga stared at Neel in anticipation.
“But it is not like there are no other options left for you at the moment” he said in an offering tone.
Renuga now eagerly looked at Neel.
“It is going to be the same treatment at a lesser cost. I can arrange for it provided you know what is in store” he said.
“Please Neel, I am willing to go through anything for my husband’s speedy recovery. He is the only earning person in the family. I and my 2 years old child are dependent on his earning. With him in the hospital we are accruing debts. We want him back as normal as before, as quickly as possible” Renuga said in a pleading tone.
All that was needed for Neel was a bait to catch her attention and keep her stick to him and Renuga didn’t realize she innocently and unintendedly gave him one with those words.
“I get that. See Renu, usually such treatments costs high because it is a very new and very advanced technology. But there are hospitals which do it at lower costs too. There are ways to reduce the cost, you see”
“What do I need to do Neel?”
“Nothing much. You just have to give us the consent. That is all.”
“Consent for what?”
“Consent for performing the treatment on your husband. Our experts will handle it in such a way that there is no difference and zero side effects”
“But Neel…”
“No ‘but’ Renu. Between the treatment and the cost which one you want us to favor you in? Be aware that this treatment cannot be done with papers at what you can afford. We may have to skip the paper work. So the risk is yours. Decide yourself and let us know.”
Neel stood and walked out of the room. He knew any more words could screw things. He was well aware that detailed conversations will not help in preying.
Renuga was still seated in Neel’s room.
She was unsure which one to favor. Her bank account was in poor state. Neither she nor her husband Ganesh had pledge-able assets to derive money from. All she had was her Mangalsutra which was the last piece of ornament left with her. Any money she could raise was from that last piece of ornament. It was an antique piece that came from her grandma through her mother.
It was part of her family custom. Daughters inherited mother’s Mangalsutra in marriages and it was believed that this successful inheritance brought good luck as it carried almost 100 years of relationship values, blessings and memories of her family.
But the situation was very compelling. Ganesh was suffering from cancer and now it went beyond limits. It was indeed a costly treatment but fortunately there were short-cuts to it at lesser cost. Even though these shortcuts were illegal, they had a 95% success rate which was quite convincing to take the risk.
In a nation which stands out by its population, illegal solutions are the ones that come handy for people living beneath and in poverty line. If Ganesh recovered from cancer, he could go back to work which would save her family from fall.
On the other hand, her Mangalsutra would lose its value and would be considered unlucky if Ganesh’s life could not be saved. If it turned unlucky there was no point in passing it to her daughter. That way possessing it would become meaningless. Without treatment Ganesh’s life cannot be saved. But the treatment costs a lot. Cheaper treatment methods needed some compromises on paper work.
After considering carefully all the above, she thought it was wiser to pledge the ornament and go ahead with the only option left for her.
By then, Neel had returned to his seat.
“I hope you must have given it a thought” he said.
“Yes Neel. I will arrange for the money that I promised. Please arrange treatment for my husband immediately” she said confidently.
“As I said there are no paper works. So we can start the treatment anytime now.” he said smilingly.
Renuga pledged her ornament at a cooperative bank and paid the amount at the hospital for Ganesh’s treatment. At the time of pledging she sincerely hoped the blessings of her parents and grandparents would help save her husband’s life.
The hospital carefully counted every note she gave and very carefully avoided giving her bills. Ganesh’s treatment was fixed the next day.
Renuga waited patiently outside the room in which Ganesh was treated praying all known gods for the life of her husband.
At the hospital Dean’s office,
“How did the patient die in first place?” The chief doctor Anand asked.
“There was nothing wrong in the instructions given to the robots. We employed ‘used robots’ for the treatment Anand” Dr.Sethi answered with Neel seated next to Sethi.
“Looks like the robots were not accepted by the host’s blood stream. It created allergic effects, eventually leading to the death of the patient” Sethi further added.
“How did you miss to foresee this Dr.Sethi
“It was not my fault Anand. I did it right. I gave the right external stimuli. The robots responded too. There are so many reasons. People here have the habit of taking medications without the consent of the doctor in most cases. These medications are sometimes herbal, Ayurvedic and Allopathic. It could be the root for the allergic reactions. These random unconsented medications are not usually attached to a medical report. The medical reports of the patient from the Insurance Company lacked all these random unconsented medications. How would I know if the patient is allergic to these used robots?”
“So are you saying there was no way it can be figured out?”
“Medical reports are sensitive to such treatments Anand. You know it better than me. Moreover, we used the best sterilization technique to clean the robots before using for the treatment Anand. Chances are more that the robots picked up microscopic organic dirt that escaped our sterilization process.”
“So the real culprit is our sterilization process?”
“There is a reason why these tiny robots are still manufactured without reuse capabilities Anand. It is for the same reason why a light bulb is manufactured with a known defect. The sterilization process that we do here is something that was developed by our own researchers Anand. Looks like this is the first time the process has been proven wrong. We can take this as an opportunity to fix the defects in our sterilization process”
Anand looked at Neel and Sethi alternatively.
At the end of a considerable long pause,
“OK. Cover it up. Reason out the unconsented medications for the death. If the patient’s relatives bounce back stronger, we can go up to a million on compensation” Anand said firmly.
At Neel’s room,
“You should have kept us informed about the unconsented medications long been taken by your husband Ganesh, Renu” Neel said to sobering Renuga.
Renu broke into tears.
“It usually doesn’t happen here but in your husband’s case it could not have happened otherwise. Most people who are treated here belong to corporate companies which tie their employees with an insurance company. It helps us get a clear past medical history report about the patient. In your husband’s case, he had been taking a lot of unprescribed medications which turned his bloodstream a slow poison. Our medications were not intended to work in a poisoned bloodstream. We are deeply sorry for your loss Renu”
Renu began to cry louder. Neel stood up, came around his table and sat next to Renuga. He then drew his hand around her shoulders intending to give her support and consoling words.
“I can help you out Renu. I know your husband was the only earning person in your family and you and your 2 year old kid were dependent on him. They promised for a speedy recovery. They should compensate for your loss” he said.
Renuga continued to cry.
“I can take care of you provided you take care of me” he further added.
Renuga with weeping eyes now looked at Neel.
“Yes. I can take care of you and your child. I can fight with them and get you up to a million provided you take care of me” he said firmly.
Renuga felt his hand gripping her shoulders now. She could even feel his warmth. She didn’t try to resist which encouraged Neel.
At Anand’s room,
“The lady is a clever one Anand. She threatens to go to cops” Neel said.
“But she has no bills right?”
“That is not the point Anand. What if she approaches law? What if what we do here within the four walls come to light? We would end up spoiling our reputation which would not be good for your company’s future”
“Alright. What is her demand?”
“2 Million”
“2 Million?! Is she crazy?”
“But I can talk to her and bring that down to 1 Million Anand”
“That is better Neel”
“Handle it. We have our targets to catch up in our business and I don’t want this to fall in our way. ” Anand said firmly.


Wednesday, 31 January 2018

கணையாழி (பிப்ருவரி 2018) இதழில் எனது கவிதை

கணையாழி பிப்ருவரி 2018 இதழில் பக்கம் 23ல் 'எதுவும் புதிதல்ல' என்கிற எனது கவிதை வெளியாகியிருக்கிறது.
எனது கவிதையை தேர்வு செய்து வெளியிட்ட கணையாழி இதழில் ஆசிரியர் குழுவுக்கு எனது நன்றிகளை தெரிவித்துக்கொள்கிறேன்.

Thursday, 25 January 2018

LOSING A GANGSTER : Literary Yard Magazine


By: Ramprasath
In several ways, John Dragon established himself as the gangster of the inter-galactic.
Every restaurant along the inter-galactic route has to pay him his share. He was the pirate in that part of the universe. Attacking and robbing space ships has always been one of his favorite pass-time activities. It was not like no one benefitted out of him. He helped a lot of people to make easy money and those who made money helped him survive and not get into any legal troubles.
Including me, there were several worked as bartenders and drivers in the restaurants and in transport business along the intergalactic route. He expected us to consider him our savior. His rationale was simple. He was feeding us and therefore we must be thankful to him. But the truth was, he was the one who strangled our families. If we were orphans, it was because of him. I didn’t know about others but to me, he was my first and only enemy that I always wanted to take revenge for what he did to my family.
“Can you drive my little flyer?” he asked me the other day. ‘Little flyer’ was a compact mini space ship capable of taking only a few between two galaxies of relatively shorter distance.
I knew the rest of the story through some other contacts of mine. His regular driver fell ill the last time John went on an expedition and this time he was to carry a precious, unclassified package to Vega. So right now he needed a driver and there cannot be a better opportunity for me to take revenge. He was a huge man with strong arms and wide chest. I was just another ordinary kid still counting his early twenties. There was no logical way I can be a threat to him.
That night we set out on a long trip to Vega galaxy in his little flyer. I didn’t care whatever he carried. His little flyer needed full tank for every light year distance. Idea was to fill the tanks in the several pump stations along the inter-galactic route.
Soon after the commencement of our journey, he disappeared in his bedroom and I was sure I was going to be alone in cockpit until we reach Vega. How long would it take to strangle him? After all, he was alone with no arms or weapons.
At one point, the UPS (Universal positioning system) showed two routes one turned to our left and the other turned to the right.
I checked on the UPS. Towards our left Vega was 5 light years away and towards our right, Sessile was 7 light years away. There were pump stations between our current position and either Vega or Sessile. John’s little flyer can travel 1 light year distance with full tank and it has to be filled again to return.
Neither did I turn left nor right instead I drove his little flyer straight into the darkness, which was space owned by no one. It could only mean that there was no on-call space assistance, no network to seek help and no fuel to return to a safe spot where the flyer can be refueled. At the end of a long hour travel, the little flyer lost thrust from engines in mid-space due to empty tank. It flew in constant motion due to empty space. Now there was no return because there was nothing far and John would have to fuel the tank to even move the flyer jus an inch towards Vega.
I was happy. I was happy to have put him in trouble. I may not be able to strangle him or kill him but beyond that point, there was no life.
When he woke up he came in pursuit of me to the cockpit asking what was wrong. He wanted to know why he could not hear noise from the engines. I told him everything. Right from how he tortured my parents, left me an orphan and how much I hated him and wanted to bring troubles to him, I told him every damn thing.
He looked at me for a moment and I honestly thought he would pull the trigger of his gun on me.
Surprisingly, he went back into his bedroom without a word. I wondered if he was okay.
An hour later, I saw ships of inter-galactic cops by the window. They took control of our flyer and took it into their huge ship like a toy. I and John were both taken in custody. We didn’t have a choice except to surrender. We were presented at the mobile court for criminal offenses in the ship.
I later learnt that I was charged for kidnapping and smuggling precious, questionable assets without permission or documents. Things fell in favor for John. His reservations at the pumping stations en route to Vega didn’t prove his intentions for smuggling. According to the reservations, John was only a tourist visitor to Vega.
The fact that only I held a valid ship driver’s license left only me to take the blame of kidnapping John with smuggled goods in a ship not owned by me. Prior to this incident had you spoke about destiny, I might have laughed.


Monday, 8 January 2018

8 ஜனவரி 2018 - ஜெயா ப்ளஸ் சானல் - நூல் நயம் - அட்சயபாத்திரா

இன்று 08.01.2018 ஜெயா ப்ளஸ் தொலைக்காட்சியில் எனது "அட்சயபாத்திரா" நாவல் குறித்து நூல் நயம் பகுதியில் வெளியான காணொளி இங்கே..

எனது நாவலை தேர்வு செய்து வெளியிட்ட நூல் நயம் நிகழ்ச்சி ஆசிரியர் குழுவுக்கு எனது நன்றிகளை தெரிவித்துக்கொள்கிறேன்

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

3 ஜனவரி 2018 - ஜெயா ப்ளஸ் சானல் - நூல் நயம் - அட்சயபாத்திரா

நாளை (3 ஜனவரி 2018) ஜெயா ப்ளஸ் சானலில்  நூல் நயம் பகுதியில் எனது "அட்சயபாத்திரா" நாவலுக்கு விமர்சனம் வெளியாக இருக்கிறது. நேரம் 8:40 AM - 9:00AM.

நண்பர்கள் யாரேனும் நிகழ்ச்சியை வீடியோ எடுத்து அனுப்ப இயலுமா?

07.01.2018 கல்கி இதழில் எனது சிறுகதை "யானை உருக்கொண்ட எலிகள்"

07.01.2018 தேதியிட்ட இந்த வார கல்கி இதழில் எனது சிறுகதை "யானை உருக்கொண்ட எலிகள்" பக்கம் 44ல் வெளியாகியிருக்கிறது.

எனது சிறுகதையை தேர்வு செய்து வெளியிட்ட கல்கி ஆசிரியர் குழுவுக்கு எனது நெஞ்சார்ந்த நன்றிகளை தெரிவித்துக்கொள்கிறேன்.

Thursday, 21 December 2017

சென்னை புத்தகத் திருவிழா 2018

சென்னை புத்தகத் திருவிழா  2018

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

சூழ்நிலை கைதிகள்

சூழ்நிலை கைதிகள்

பணியாளனை பொதி மாடாக்க நிறுவனம் தந்த
‘மாதத்தின் சிறந்த பணியாளர்” பட்டத்தை
பெற்று வந்தவன்
வீட்டிற்குள் நுழைந்ததும்
பார்வையில் படும்படி வைத்தான்…
சட்டையை கழற்றி மூலையில் வீசினான்…
குளியலறை சுத்தமாக இல்லையென கடிந்தான்…
உணவு ருசியாக இல்லையென ஏசினான்…
காலைக்குள் சட்டையை இஸ்திரி செய்துவைக்க பணித்தான்…
குழந்தையின் நாப்கின்னை மாற்றச்சொன்னான்…
தொலைக்காட்சி பார்த்தபடியே நள்ளிரவில் உறங்கிப்போனான்…
ஒரே ஒரு விவாகரத்துக்கு பயந்து
இது எதையும் வெளியே சொல்லாமல்
‘சிறந்த மனைவி’ பட்டம் பெறுகிறாள்
சராசரி இந்தியப்பெண்…



Monday, 4 December 2017



By: Dr Neeraja .M
The novel is a wonderful combo of right and wrong between love, romance, sex status, casteism, racism, and money, all beaded into the same abacus. The magical tool that measures, calculates every essence of each soul.
The complete content at its each edges leaves a key for readers to unlock all questions unanswered and untold, right from the deep core. for example
”How to select a life partner for a long standing and faithful relationship/”!!!!!!
The alarming rates of extramarital relationship or divorce is one of the major cancers our modern Indian society is suffering from. The writer clearly depicts its root cause and explains how to prevent this at an individual’s level using his numerical invention in a simple way.
I personally could rectify myself that the wanderer in the book is not just the character but me,myself(reader). And i could find my unanswered and untold conflicts which got solved by the book , the pilgrim.
I suggest this novel as a must read book.

@Dr.Neeraja. B.D.S