Sunday, 22 April 2018

What we want and what we deserve

What we want and what we deserve

In Today's world, people know what they want but do not know what they deserve. There is a difference between these two states. This leads to so many confusions. People keep waiting to get what they want but end up getting what they deserve and this difference is too huge which makes their life dull and not motivated.

The best way to live is to keep this difference slim and the best way to ensure this is to want what we deserve. In order words, be deserved to what you want to possess. Let us keep it this simple guys!!

In anticipating what you want, you lose what you deserve and finally end up in a state where there is no way to go. Almost a dead-end. If this is one side of the coin, the other side is equal but opposite.

There are people who get settled with something much lesser to what they actually deserve and later get paid for the underestimation. Neither the former is right, nor the later is.

I know of a girl who longed to go to the UK and tried deliberately on all paperwork but when she finally landed in the UK in Edinburgh she could not stand the weather. She developed respiratory problems and therefore returned soon. Since she was hoping to permanently move to the UK, she turned down many things in India that might have gone very well with her in her hometown.

There is a fine difference between what we want and what we deserve guys!

If you have underestimated, whatever you got with that underestimation would prove itself to be insufficient. It would ask for more and you will find it difficult to catch up and things would easily get messy. If you have overestimated yourself, you would fall short when when its expectation stands fair.

Then how would we know what we deserve?

Your shoulders should be wide enough if you want to wear an Armani or American Eagle. If you want to wear one, hit Crunch or LA Fitness. If that is tough for you, better settle down with Saravana Stores. Simple!!

Friday, 20 April 2018

Age is just a number

Age is just a number

Entire India is talking about Milind Soman's marriage with his girlfriend, a 23 years old girl. He is not the only one facing such level of criticism. Earlier it was Shahid Kapoor's marriage that was a hot topic. He married a girl 10 years younger to him.

Guys and Girls!!! I would like to remind you something you might already know "Age is just a number".

Let me ask. How many men are energetic at 30? Reality bites harder, girls!  IT has kept youngsters buckled up to their seats for hours in a row. People hardly walk or climb stairs. OLA emerged not by luck but by a pure deterministic need.

I will ask you something you probably would not have heard anywhere or from anyone before.

Do you believe in god? If yes, answer me this. Let us assume, god himself has destined a guy of age 36 to a girl aged 26. According to the popular saying "Marriages are made in heaven", what would you do if that girl was your sister and you are to find a guy for her?

By your rulebook, If you try to look for guys aged not more than just 2 years elder to her, wouldn't it mean you are just screwing your own sister's life?

In my opinion, that 23 years old girl is the one who is truly spiritual and believe in god.  She is not like the others who go by a rule book that says a perfect partner is one who is not more than a year elder or younger.

This applies to women who are married to younger men. Age is just a number guys. Let us all just unclutch ourselves from our stupid rulebooks and take life as it comes to us. A few days back some 20+ people went on trekking into the mountains in Theni. Idea was to spend the weekend expediting the mountain ranges and take a few selfies to upload in facebook. What was initially an expedition turned into a disaster. 23  have been feared dead so far. Reality is just that far away from our rulebooks. 

Tuesday, 17 April 2018



When I started writing in 2009, I was working in London for TCS. TCS demanded at least 12-14 hours of time to be spent in office is additional information for ya all. Coming to the point, I started a blog and kept uploading all my published content in the blog. The point I wanted to convey to the world with that of my blog was, "Hey Guys, see it takes on an average 2 hours per day for approximately 5 days to write a prose. It now has found its home in so-and-so magazine. Which means 13 hours at office + 8 hours of sleep + 2 hours = 23 hours. Almost a day gone."

I thought my blog would stand best to prove how much I stayed focused on work and on writing in my first abroad visit that lasted almost 24 months between 2009 and 2011.

I was only ambitioned. I was only goal-oriented. I was only productive. I was only trying out my potential. I was just exploring a new found talent.

I am not sure if all these hard works deserve what I am really going through now. Sometimes fate forces you to wonder about God and his creations, not in a very good way and this is one of it. Its a mean world after all.

But I still write and I will continue to author books despite all these answerless questions. I figure, it is just what I am. Sometimes you have to give yourself to something no matter if you get back from it or not.

After all, that is all love is all about. Isn't it?

Sunday, 15 April 2018

Truth or Dare - Movie

Truth or Dare - Movie

Not a very great movie. A simple plot. A game. Truth or Dare. If you choose truth, you must tell one. If you dare, you must do. If you don't you will die. If you can't complete the task, you will die.

A group of friends go on a trip to Mexico and happens to visit an abandoned haunting house from where the horror begins or the game starts. The game continues to kill the friends one by one. How the last ones save their lives is the rest of the film.

Some of the scenes are very disturbing so this film might not be suitable for all type of audience. In the initial scenes, when Olivia was asked if she would put the lives of her friends for the lives of millions, Olivia chooses the later confidently but in the end, she responds otherwise. Perhaps this was meant for the climax-twist.

The only difference between this and films like Rampage is, Rampage-like films are based out of video games. On the other hand, this film joins the long list of films that are adapted from real-world games. Definitely, not a must-watch movie but can be viewed at least once for the way the game has been adapted in the movie format.

Saturday, 14 April 2018

Rampage - Movie

Rampage - Movie

Definitely science fiction.

An Injected pathogen turns a laboratory rat into a monster which destroys a space station. The last surviving crew member was to return to earth with only the pathogen but due to the aggressive monster, the escape capsule bursts during re-entry which releases the pathogen.

A chimp, a wolf, and an aquatic gill-breathing animal turn into monsters due to the pathogen and how the protagonist bring back peace on the planet is the rest of the film.

Exaggerations apart, the film is threatening. Nature is contained but it has its own equations and balancing points. Though gene editing can be thought as a solution to the growing number of gene-based diseases and genetic disorders, isn't it quite clear that it is definitely not the way to fix things?

When Jurassic Park hit the theatres in 1993, it raised an important question. "Is science the only best way to fix the issues of mankind?". But this film ignores to raise that question. So between 1993 and 2018, 25 years have gone.

Which means, it has taken 25 years for people to realize that Earth has been spoiled beyond recovery. Now there is no turn back. Science is the only way to survive from this dying planet. I believe, this is the message the film intends to convey. There cannot be a news worse than this. 

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Hush - Movie

Hush - Movie

"A Quiet Place" is not the first of its kind.

"Hush" is a 2016 American Horror movie in the line of horror without dialogues.

A writer who is deaf and cannot speak resides in an isolated house in the woods. She intends to spend her time in composing her 2nd book.

Because of the isolation, she becomes a victim to a psycho killer. Being a psycho, the killer slips into a hunting mode looking to spice up the kill. He first willingly allows things to fall in her favor. When he gradually advances on her, with her disability how she saves herself is the rest of the story.

This 80 minutes film looks clean, crisp and in a proper mix. A couple of more characters might have let the film loose balance.

Please inbox me on the things I have not written here.

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Cosmos - A Spacetime Odyssey

Cosmos - A Spacetime Odyssey

One of my favorite documentary in Netflix is "Cosmos - A Spacetime Odyssey".

If I was allowed to travel back in time to my 17th age and asked to choose my study, I probably would have chosen Physics than Engineering as a first step towards becoming a theoretical physicist.

It is only because of the abundant chances it offers to study the physical nature of the boundless universe. Even though I belong to the community of people who don't prefer accelerating things towards extinction in the name of science, I honestly think that physics is a means to understand life better on the planet.

Physics offers perspectives and visions which one cannot perceive in the flow of life. Life and its chaosity as we live through compel us to not look back and get a glimpse of what we are going through. Instead, it makes us all yield to the competitions, emotions and survival challenges.

"How do you find time to write poetries and novels?" is one question thrown at me every now and then. It is self-explanatory.

In Netflix, this more-than-a-dozen-episode long documentary is available in HD print. Neil Degrasse Tyson has done a very extraordinary job of hosting the documentary with his excellent skills in conveying complex concepts of physics.

I lost count of the number of times I have seen these episodes back to back. It is one series I would love to watch any number of times.

Even though the series doesn't touch anything very complex like Einstein's relativity or Schrodinger or Quantum entanglement or multiverse, it has the much-needed basics with which one can quickly jump into the endless ocean of the physics of Cosmos.

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

The Cloverfield Paradox - Movie

The Cloverfield Paradox - Movie

This one is a 2018 American Sci Fi horror film. If you don't understand Quantum Entanglement and EPR paradox, you probably may not able to enjoy this film and its twists and turns.

For those who are driven by a never-dying intellectual curiosity, this film would only fall short but if you are not the one, you better stay away from this. Don't go to this movie.

Be aware that the measurement of time that we have now is only for a convenience to organize all known logical entities around us. There is no such thing called time but there is something called reality.  Reality is a by-product of spacetime. The fact that, how much it bends to a given set of physicality defines the dimension of time. This is how time works in every part of the observable universe.

To say in short, when the crew of a space station accidentally tears open a spacetime fabric, an alternate reality takes over. How they find back their way to Earth is the rest of the movie.

But again, if you are not familiar to EPR paradox and Quantum Entanglement, please do NOT go to this movie. You will understand nothing.

Monday, 9 April 2018

Real Steel - Movie

Real Steel - Movie

Why do all the good science fiction movies appear to have been evolved from a short story or a novel written by a writer/novelist (like me ;))?

Jokes apart, are you perceiving what I am perceiving? Are you deriving what I am deriving?

"Real Steel" was originally written by American author and screenwriter, Richard Matheson. Apparently, rumors say that he sold his original work "Steel' for a whopping $850,000 in 2003. Yes. That is what I am talking about. You are a millionaire celebrity with just one original idea away.

The film is wonderful. A dumped bot saves a small boy. He considers it a lucky piece and doesn't want to leave it estranged. Well, That's the max of emotions that one can expect from a Hollywood movie.

Now the bot is ready to fight and bring good fortune to both the father and the son.

I am wondering how much excited Richard would have been when he first conceived this idea? Bots punch each other in a ring! Interesting isn't it?

One of my roommates bought a Google Mini. It worked amazingly. It sincerely obeyed his commands, ran his songs for him from youtube, remembered his todo list and so on. Impressed by its performance, one of his friend - one of my other roommate - too bought one. Problems began to surface. The minis got confused between their owners as their voice recognition software was not that great, revealed the secret notes of one with the other and so on.

But why do I bother so much to have it a mention here? You know it right?

Sunday, 8 April 2018

Gerald's Game - Movie

Gerald's Game - Movie

"Gerald's Game" was first written as a novel and later adapted into a movie.

This was written by Stephen King.

Gerald brings his wife to his guest house. What begins as a kinky-game between them ends up in a nightmare. Jessie who is cuffed to the bed frame remains immobile for two days since Gerald succumbs to death due to excessive intake of viagra.

In the two days, Jessie experiences delusions that takes her back to her teen days. She recalls the day her father behaves in a weird manner with her on his lap.

Confrontations between Jessie and the delusional counterpart of Gerald and Jessie carries the rest of the film until she finally escapes the guest house and allows herself to be saved by the neighbors.

The screenplay handles a certain degree of Freudism. I liked the movie especially because this is another movie which was made out of a novel work.