Saturday, 26 April 2014

A Review for my Novel 'OppanaikaL kalaivatharke' by Dinesh

A Review for my Novel 'OppanaikaL kalaivatharke' by Dinesh

hi ram,
        i am sorry that it took this much time for the review of your wonderful novel, to be frank, i thought that its not my subject of expertise to comment on your novel, because i know that its about women(mainly)... so i didn't care about ,what they thought or how they choose or what are the base reasons for their position in our society,though i came to know about those from my studies...
         but when i started reading your novel , i started realizing why i should care about ,which i didn't really care about and understood the uniqueness of the subject that the reader is carried into ...
         first story "opanaigal kalaivatherke" started with nice flow of story with occasional social perspective of that situation,it was aptly fitting and thought provoking... when nature is not in its balance ,it adjust it self, it doesn't have any rules or norms with which it have to ,it just does it , its not the same case with us humans, when we are unbalanced in life, we cant just adjust or balance easily , we are bounded by some norms of the society in which we fit in, so it(balance) normally happens with some heart breaks and pain ,but from opanaigal kalaivatherke we can deduce that, with understanding of our likes and wants, we can make it(balance) with less heart breaks and less pain... things happening between ravi, madu,and janaki made me to think like this..
          second story "mudichi " made me to think that i was given with data which right now i cant really apply in my real life , that is if i had these insights during my collage days it would have given me with nice moments to cherish with ... or with the understanding that why most of my applications where rejected !@#!@#... story tells how girls in collages today are making their choice and how they are intentionally deceived by boys and how girls ignore really good guys to the bad ones, which inturn sets a bad example to others youngsters that being bad and cheat-y is liked by girls ...and it spreads like diseases among youngsters, i really loved reading it...
    the way you presented both the novels was really nice i loved it bro...i really wish that i get to read you future works... 


Sunday, 13 April 2014

ஒரு டிக்கெட் - சிறுகதை

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Friday, 11 April 2014

ராதா - சிறுகதை

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