Saturday, 11 March 2017

Passengers - review

Saw "Passengers". Nice movie. What if one wakes up midway in a long journey to a distance planet? A journey that lasts almost 120 years? Well, he takes an year of time to wake up a girl for his company. If I were in his shoes, might have woken up a girl immediately.

Passing by a giant star, ship loosing gravity and the sight of her being held in a bubble were wonderful scenes. Kudos to the creative head. The design of the ship itself is magnificient. Chris Patt looked manly in Jurassic Park series. Here in this, I think he has attempted to look like an young boy. Voyaging to a new home has been shown in so many films. Interstellar for example. But Passengers looks like a sci-fi drama. Most of the times, it is either Chris or Jennifer that is talking to the robot.

How could he bring up a tree in the middle of the ship despite familiar equations like water, soil, sunlight and seed? I am clueless but can go with that since the movie comes under scifi. 

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