Sunday, 5 March 2017

உங்கள் எண் என்ன - விமர்சனம் - 5

உங்கள் எண் என்ன - விமர்சனம் - 5
Arun Ganesh J
About the Novel :
The novel was so interesting to study. The story was so oriented to the original life . And I was so proud to study the Tamil's First Mathematical Fiction, The story shows how the life was oriented with maths How the sexual attraction Major Role between the male and female, it shows the varies of relationship by the sentence like ( Anti relationship by dead lock ) , ( Anti relationship with right person by dead lock ) , the main thing which shows the value of advice by a correct person in our novel the character name ( Columbus and Selvem ) , Simply Excellent story for latest generation and youths . and the special thank for you to giving the opportunity to study the Tamils first mathematical Fiction ....

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